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Looking back, looking forward

Hi there! So, this is my first ever blog! Possibly the first time I’ve written more than a paragraph since school too, so all very exciting and fun. 🙂 

I have my super new website just launched and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to celebrate that by reviewing my year so far and thinking about the upcoming year (2019 brides-it’s nearly your year!!)

I always think that time goes faster than when I was a child but honestly, this year has gone in a blur! 95 weddings so far and 8 to go still, literally 1000’s of sugar flowers have been made and 100’s of tiers of cake; it’s been a busy one!! There definitely no longer seems to be a ‘wedding season’, unless that season stretches from February to December! I’ve just flicked back through my diary (to count up the weddings) and had so many lovely memories flood in of past bride’s and groom’s and their cakes. I’m realising more and more what a privilege it is to be a small part of such a special day and to be involved in supplying happy taste memories to so many people all over the country. My cakes have travelled all over the counties this year, venturing into London for the first time recently too and have been featured in numerous magazines and blogs, so word is certainly reaching further afield now about the scrumptious cakes that this Midlands girl has to offer! I even recently visited Dublin to have chats with a leading media agency there. I came so close to having my first international wedding (Paris I’ll have you know!) this year too but narrowly missed out when the bride changed her mind on the venue and the cake was included in her package (oh Palace of Versailles you did squash my international cake-maker dreams!!!)…there is always next year. P.s I really want to see Japan so can someone please book me for one there!

2018 has been a year of big cakes, and I mean tall, towering, make-your-neck-ache-to-look-up-at mega cakes! I LOVE making the big boys. My tallest to date was 10 tiers.😮 

This year I hit 9, but with each tier at 6” in height this was probably my tallest yet (required a stool and tiptoes to complete.) It seems big cakes are here to stay too. Why wouldn’t you want a show off cake? Personally I’d have 12 tiers if I was to do it all again. Next year I’d definitely like to beat my record…who wants to book a mega cake from me??!

I’ve collaborated with some brilliant industry suppliers this year and worked with some fab photographers (Jennifer Arundel and Katie Ingram to name just a couple). It’s fantastic to see professional shots of my work as opposed to my camera phone snaps (must get better phone for 2019). One of the great parts of this job is getting to see so many stunning venues and I’ve been to a lot this year. Possibly the grandest was the famous Stowe House, this place was literally jaw-dropping in grandeur.

I also entered my very first wedding industry awards and was thrilled to become a finalist in 2 separate award ceremonies. I’m so going to enter again next year as it was such a great atmosphere and basically I just love an excuse to dress up (I do usually work all day in a batter-splattered apron). It was really inspiring and motivating though to be sat amongst some industry greats and I hope to bring home the awards next time!

All in all it’s been a supercharged and super busy year again (think I may have had 4 Saturday’s off all year) which has been filled with more challenging and towering cakes than ever before. Gold has doubtlessly been the colour of the year (I hope this doesn’t change anytime soon) and I’d say Strawberry and Champagne the most popular flavour choice this year, closely followed by lemon. I’ve added a couple of exciting new flavours recently to my menu, so look out for those if you’re booking a tasting soon.

Next year I’m hoping for more of the same excitement but I’ll be caking in the new stylish surroundings of our luxe kitchen (literally been planning my dream kitchen for the last 6 years and it’s nearly arrived!!!!) January is going to be my time to regroup; experiment with some new ideas I’m buzzing about, finish decorating the kitchen and enjoying a bit of time off and yoga(caking is back-aching work therefore yoga is a must) .2019 is gonna be a big one I’m sure;  full of colour, texture, buttercream and my best bakes yet!  I can’t wait to start meeting my 2020 couples soon too and see what cake dreams they have instore for me to create!

I just want to end with a huge THANK YOU to all my customers from the past year for giving me the opportunity to provide you with beautiful cakes and unleash the creative energy that runs through me! It’s been an honour, roll on 2019!😘

Sophie X