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Semi-naked Wedding Cake

Why choose a Semi-naked Wedding Cake?

Semi-naked cakes feature exposed layers with minimal frosting. Ideal for rustic weddings, their simplicity offers a charming touch. A balance between taste and aesthetics, they provide a more natural and less sweet flavour compared to buttercream or fondant. Perfect for those who prefer a less formal setting, these cakes strike a delightful balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Semi-naked Wedding Cake Cost Guide

Final pricing is based on the amount and size of tiers as well as the amount of decoration involved but as a general guide the following applies. Delivery is an additional cost, based on the location. See our ‘Services & Pricing’ page for more information.

  • 2 Tiers From £350
  • 3 Tiers From £450
  • 4 Tiers From £530
  • 5 Tiers From £660