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What’s your flavour?

How is it Feb already?! I’ve been kept so busy with consultations/tastings in January, it’s just gone in a blur. Jan is always the busiest month of the year for new bookings- Christmas is now well out the way and everyone can get on and focus on all things wedding. I think I took on 20 new bookings in January, and with most couples tasting 4 cake flavours each that was a lot of baking and cake gobbling! (p.s I’m not bored of eating cake-never will be-I think this is my most asked question…There’s always spares in our house!) I’ve got a wide and varied range of flavours on my menu(20 currently) and I’m always open to new suggestions (it’s actually how some of my now-established flavours have got on the list). Coconut was always my favourite but recently I’m rather partial to a rich and indulgently sweet slice of Black forest. Despite having such a big menu most people do tend to opt for the more traditional favourites (vanilla always a winner) time after time. And you can’t go wrong really with a luscious lemon sponge with silky lemon buttercream and curd can you!?

I was thrilled to take part in a Bottomless Bridal Brunch this month (a new boozier version of the traditional wedding fayre) at a local nightclub and my chocolate indulgence cake went down a storm…I definitely spotted the bar staff reaching for seconds! Is it big headed to say that my chocolate cake is the best I’ve ever tasted ha ha …oh well said it! Nearly everyone has a chocolate layer of some variety in their wedding cake…did you know that most people go for a different flavour in each tier nowadays? Why not hey! Variety is the spice of life as they say. The Bridal brunch was a rare event for me as I don’t attend wedding fayres as a rule but this one was more of a  superbly organised party with dancing, live music by the amazing @alecpitmanmusic , girly chatter and of course plenty of cake samples.

Just a note on tastings…When choosing flavours for your cake there’s no need to worry about weight distribution or which flavours complement each other…just go for what you think you and your guests will love! It’s your one chance to go for something bold and different, so why not surprise your guests with a peanut butter layer or a Cherry Bakewell! Keeping the top tier isn’t really the done thing anymore (we’re no longer in the 70’s!) so don’t feel like you need to have a tired old fruit cake just to keep Nan happy or  keep it frozen for years and eventually forget about it. This is your chance to have multiple delicious fresh sponges in an array of amazing flavours with mouth-watering fillings. All my cakes are on made boards and dowelled internally (think cake scaffolding) so there’s not a chance of sinkage and this means that if you want a weighty chocolate cake at the top –you can! No worries.

This year (bar the winter months) is pretty much fully booked for me now but if you’re planning your wedding for 2020 and beyond, now’s the time to get thinking about what sort of cake you want me to create to impress and indulge your guests.  Get in touch so we can discuss your cakey dreams and get you booked in to come along and taste some cake. Just take a browse through my menu and let me know which flavours you fancy trying out. Here’s just a few to get you salivating… Salted Caramel, Pina Colada, Honey with Orange and Pistachio…the list goes on. My cakes are all made to order so give me a call when you’re ready to get talking cake and let me know which flavours float your love boat then I can ensure that they’re ready for the tasting. Cake forks at the ready!

Bottomless Bridal Brunch organised by the wonderful Rachael at Little Wedding Treasures-hiring out and specialising in gorgeous personalised gifts and accessories.